Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Diaper Cake for Ali Imran

Recently, one of my ex colleagues in Agilent became a dad...His wife give birth to a cute baby boy, Ali Imran...So I decided to make a small diaper cake for Ali Imran...

PRICE : RM80.00

The items inside the diaper cake are:-
1. 12 pcs Wiggles Diapers (NB size)
2. 1 pc Baby Bath Towel
3. 2 pcs Rompers (NB - Carter's)
4. 1 pc Baby Bib (NB - Carter's)
5. 1 pair of Mittens (Baby Pooh)
6. 1 pair of Socks (NB - GAP)
7. 1 pc Soft Toy (Baby Duck)
8. Exclusive Alphabets (A-L-I)
9. 1 Gift Box (with Ribbons)
10. 1 pc of Card (NB)

1 comment:

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